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IDEA: Add CCleaner secure file delete to Explore/Opus context menu

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CCleaner is a wonderful tool with a lot of options.
One thing, regularly being asked for, is missing though.

-Select files and/or folder
-Have a context menu item to "Secure delete" the selected items.

On their site
Pirifiform does have a command:  CCleaner.exe /DELETE "path_to_file(s)" /METHOD "0-3"

On that basis, I wonder whether it would be possible to develop a CCleaner context menu/button deleting selected items.

Haven't found a solution on Internet sofar.
I think it would make quite some folks happy.
Secure Delete files/folder now requires 3rd party tools.

But then again, maybe it is not possible at all...

Nothing wrong with asking...  ;)


This looks like it does the job.

Note: The download link is just above the Online File Sharing ad, before you get to the comments section.

I am not sure. I think the tool in the link is about adding/removing context menu items etc.
However, CCleaner has -no possibilities-  of a context menu to secure-delete files yet.
Maybe one day in future, but not right now.
i.e. it would require some programming (via autohotkey?) to accomplish this.

You add the command line you supplied to the context menu of Explorer using the tool.

I don't think you will find many programmers willing to write a knock off utility to delete and scrub files so that they cannot be undeleted.  Nobody wants to be liable for irreparable damage to somebody's data.

I suggest trying it on dummy data until you are very confident it works as intended.

Point is that in the commandline users have to define exactly what, i.e. name of files, name of folders, should be securely deleted.
Meaning that the names of files/folders are 'fixed' in advance.
Whereas my idea is to select files/folders (can be anything) and that these files/folders are 'passed on' to ccleaner to be erased.
As said, currently one has to use 3rd party tools (fileshredders) having context menu support.
Well, anyway.. it was/is a suggestion only.


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