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Feature request: quickly switch between PNG und JPG

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sometimes I need the path of a taken screenshot as PNG in my clipboard, sometimes as JPG (dependent on the captured area: photos vs. text) -- without saving it first as PNG or as JPG and then copying its path into the clipboard (e.g. for uploading it to facebook & co.).

When I need several screenshots as PNGs, I am changing the file format in the preferences -- and vice versa. But this step is a little bit circuitous (at least for me and my special needs ;))

So, a further option or similar in the post-capture window would be very useful to quickly switch between these two formats.

What's your opinion? ;)

Thanks a lot!

PS: maybe another "great idea" as my wish for such a post-capture window: :) :)

I don't want to clutter up the post-capture dialog any further, because it will overload people.

However, i could add some ways to send a signal to SC (via second instance commandline option) to do things like this (switch format or do a change of format).

... ah, I have the solution for "my" feature ;)

-> integrating a "format switcher" in the context menu of Screencaptor in the System Tray, as stand alone menu oder e.g. in "capture options"

... or am I the only person who[*] would find such an option useful? ;) 

[*] hmm:

Hi forum.
Displaying Screenshots on blackberry cell phone:

Is it current that PNG images take longer to display on screen than JPG images?

PNG screenshots look more perfect, but they have Lag.
JPG images denote compression, especially by increasing their zoom, they look slightly dirty.
Although heaviest, the JPG are faster than PNG.

Due to their better quality, PNG generally have a larger filesize than JPG, hence the longer loading times.


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