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ImgBurn - full of OpenCandy and other crap

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If you want to dig some into OC, all OC traffic is unencrypted, so you can use Wireshark to see exactly what is happening.
-Renegade (April 28, 2014, 08:27 PM)
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Actually it doesn’t matter to me; I don’t want to see it in the first place!

If it is only on freeware, then I guess it is OK - in that case I'll just use something else. However all freeware I currently use I have made donation(s) to, so that does burn me up.


I will say that the OpenCandy offers did seem to always have an opt-out.  I still don't like it because the offers always seem to be for junk that no informed user would want.  OC offers an opt-out, but are relying on people to not understand what's happening. Also I wouldn't be at all surprised if even when OC offers an opt-out that some of the stuff installed via OC ('by permission') will install further junk that doesn't get an opt-out option.
-mwb1100 (April 28, 2014, 02:14 PM)
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Unfortunately those "opt-out" check boxes don’t always mean anything. I used Networx for some years until earlier this year. While installing the latest update I was confronted with the "option" to also install the AVG Toolbar along with some other AVG garbage - Rewards program and stuff. I declined all but after installation I discovered that all of the AVG crap had installed anyway. After much bitching and moaning to anyone I thought would care - Softperfect, AVG - the most I got was that either I mistakenly accepted the installation, or they might have made an "oops". I posted on the Networx forum after searching it and wondering why no one else had ever complained about this... right up until they deleted my thread and I realized that no complaints survived their moderation apparently.

So beware the opt-outs, as they're not always real.


Maybe we should add "You can always opt out!" to the famous Three Greatest Lies in History list as the fourth?  ;) ;D

If you want to dig some into OC, all OC traffic is unencrypted, so you can use Wireshark to see exactly what is happening.
-Renegade (April 28, 2014, 08:27 PM)
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I have no reason to doubt that.  But even in the non-technology world there are business practices that depend on deceiving people through small-print, difficult to comprehend legalese, or misleading (but technically true) claims.  I don't like those practices either.

I am certain that OpenCandy is used to get people to install unwanted software such as Conduit Search Protect and other packages that don't benefit the user in any way (and in fact are troublesome to users) - I've seen it happen myself. I can't think of an OpenCandy offer that made me think, "gee, what a great offer!". I suppose it may happen every now and then, but I suspect that it's pretty rare and might be non-existent.  Why would I have reason to be kind to OpenCandy?

Carol Haynes:
I will say it once again for clarity -

When had the initial install problem I went through custom install - I knew OpenCandy was going to be in there somewhere but I was also under the impression you could opt out.

I opted out of everything it was possible to opt of and there WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE TO CONDUIT ANYWHERE but Conduit got installed. The installer came direct from ImgBurn's server not a mirror site.

Either OpenCandy has been hacked (and is now servicing stuff even it doesn't know about and what a great vector that would be for hackers), OpenCandy are lying and doing stuff that they explicitly say they don't do or ImgBurn is lying and doing something it says it isn't.

WHATEVER the reason in this instance the fault lie absolutely 100% at the door of IMGBURN

What developer with any brain would allow a third party bunch of scumbags to install anything along with their product without knowing in advance what is being offered?

I feel somewhat relieved that at least I am not alone in all this!! Having read the ImgBurn forum links above it is obvious that he doesn't care any more because he doesn't take what users say seriously.


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