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ImgBurn - full of OpenCandy and other crap

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When I'm dumping archival stuff onto optical discs (maybe backups of my photographs, or old audiobooks I'm done listening to), my workflow is to create an ISO image of the desired end disc first using ImgBurn. I then run that through DVDisaster to add PAR error recovery data onto the disc so future glitches can be recovered. Finally, I use ImgBurn to burn that ISO onto a real disc.

ImgBurn works really well in this flow because of how easily it (a) creates an ISO from an input list of folders/files; and (b) burns an ISO to disc.

Does anybody else know another tool that accomplishes those tasks as well?


Let's just keep on top of this kind of thing and make sure the really bad stuff (that Carol reported earlier) does not sneak back in.
-mouser (May 20, 2014, 02:23 PM)
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The compliance officer at OC is a good friend of mine and I was talking with him the other day. He filled me in on some of the new tricks that some of the bad guys are doing. It's outright dirty. Here's one...

Some companies will instead of installing browser plugins or the like, they'll instead monitor all network traffic. They will then inject ads and the like into web pages as the traffic comes through... :O

These guys are really smart... It would be nice if they'd turn their attention away from the dark side and instead create solutions to help people.

Guess I got lucky... installed from img site a while back, with appropriate 'deselecting', and - as far as I can tell - nothing untoward has been implanted. Probably will decline future updates, given what has been revealed here. That said, the prog does do its job well...

Carol Haynes:
it sure seems like whatever Carol experienced was corrected
-mouser (May 20, 2014, 02:23 PM)
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We live in hope :-)


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