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ImgBurn - full of OpenCandy and other crap

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I'm using ImgBurn 2.5.1 - I've found the program is fully portable. I just go to the "Program Files" directory, copy the ImgBurn folder to a flash drive and move it to another computer. Then make a shortcut to the executable (either on the desktop or put it in the start menu) for ease of use. No install, no crapware... It's amazing how many programs are inherently portable.

I'm am using ImgBurn 3.389 KB and I have always used the custom install in any software I install. Having deselected the optional software, I get an install with only Imgburn as verified by Malwarebytes - no conduit, no malware of any sort.

@MikePerry & kgooch - glad to see you both posting your first comment in the forum after being members since 2010 and 2008 respectively.

Welcome! :)

I wonder if they come from the ImgBurn forums to advertise here.

From the posts we've seen now -- it sure seems like whatever Carol experienced was corrected, and that ImgBurn now just has some fairly standard adware/toolbar bundles stuff that you can opt out of, which is pretty common these days.  It just requires that you install it carefully and make sure to uncheck what you don't want.  Pretty small price to pay for a great app.

Let's just keep on top of this kind of thing and make sure the really bad stuff (that Carol reported earlier) does not sneak back in.


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