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How to make a sandwich from scratch

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That said, I also agree with you that in order to follow his logic of "I'm making everything from scratch myself" I found myself saying "You didn't make that boat. You didn't make that knife. You didn't make that oven. You didn't make those seeds. You didn't make that [whatever]" etc.
-Deozaan (September 28, 2015, 12:03 AM)
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It used to seem like every time I told someone I wrote a program they would pick out some eye candy fature and say "did you create this?" and as soon as I told that I used a library, API call or somebody's function they would say "so it's not original then."  I felt like saying to them "Come back and talk to me when you invent your own spoken language.  Then you will have something original to say."  Henry Ford was creative because he stuck a gasoline engine on the buggy cheap enough so that you could be a bank teller and buy one, not just the bank president.  He didn't invent the wheel and axle.  :)

I had Jimmy Johns once. It was OK. I still prefer Subway.

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I probably told this a few times on here already.  But when I got my first job as a mechanic, the next street over was a pizza/sub shop.  I used to zip over when I could get an extra few minutes for lunch. It was a one man operation.  The guy did not believe in prepping the food.  When I ordered a Steak & Egg sub he put the steak strips on the grill and scrambled fresh eggs in front of me.  Then to toast it he put the sub in the pizza oven.  I had to wait about 10 minutes to get it, but it was worth it.  The guy would even encourage me to eat the sub there.  I asked why.  He said "because I enjoy seeing someone really enjoy eating what I cook."  That spoiled me.  No chain of sub shops can even echo the taste and quality of that shop.


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