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Time matrix (important-urgent)


I am looking for the free most stable version for time matrix organizing with important / not important/ urgent/ not urgent diagram.


I have found two shareware applications

Agileera Personal Motivation Calendar

Easy Time Planner

Other software promote the use of simple quadrant template like SmartDraw

I have tried easy time planner and is very simple. Give the option to drag and drop the tasks you create to change status o simply delete when done.

Agileera use a different counter in the calendar to generate motivation. A special counter of the month's days. And below the quadrantes similar to the another option.

interesting idea
"Easy Time Planner": XP theme screenshot is not reassuring (not updated since May 2009), extremely basic UI - for ToDo management, I think most people would want more (?)

Other link/site is down.

Seems a basic method to drive faster in a PERT matrix with conditional options (critical path)
may be a good planning when you want to do simple tasks.

the best possibility is combine with more powerful options....


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