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Need help with Barnacle

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"Can you uniquely identify the window? "
This is essential
-ztop (April 26, 2014, 03:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
The question is more like "can the window needing to be sent the hot-key, be uniquely identified, either by it's title or window/control-id", and you telling MilesAhead/us what that unique title or id is... :-[

I'll have to experiment with "PostMessage" or "SendMessage" since Send only works with the active window.

On the other hand, this Powershell script looks like it will do it if you can use the window title as the window ID

Edit: one example sends "^s" or control s, to Notepad.  I assume that it can send "^F5" the same way.  It should work provided the window title doesn't fluctuate.

MilesAhead and Ath,

Thanks for your help.
I think I found a program that can help me write the script myself and designate a specific window.
I'm playing with it now. I have a few bugs but I think with time I can get it to work exactly the way I want.

Just so you know its called Pulover Macro Creator. I found it on the AutoHotKey site. It seems to be a excellent program.

MilesAhead I looked at your program and it looks like it has potential. I'll keep it in mind if the other doesn't workout.

Thanks again for you help.

Sounds good.  Hope it works for you.  :)


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