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questions re settings



I am new to the forum and your program Screenshot Captor (Loaded it a while ago but just started using it a few days ago!).  When I first downloaded Screenshot Captor I wasn't that impressed as I was frustrated at every turn.  However, I have persevered and did some experimenting and the more I use it the more I am liking it.  

In the process of my experimenting, I have changed settings here and there (some I don't even remember) and have finally got everything set up more or less to my liking.  (Time consuming and I am still tweaking!)

I have a few questions:

First is, if I upgrade to the new version will this change all the settings I have changed back to the defaults?  I really don't want to start all over again!

Second, the forum I post my screen shots to requires we use jpg's (png not aloud!).  What would be the optimum settings for best quality with the SC program?

Third, what settings would I use to increase the speed (fastest possible) at which I can take successive screen captures?

Please be specific as to the settings as I am new to the language used and don't understand it all.  

Thank you for any help you can give me!


I thank you for persevering and thank you for your nice post.

Answer to your first question:
You can install the new version right on top of old version and all your settings will be preserved, no worries.

(ps. you can also backup your settings for emergencies, it's a file called ScreenshotCaptor.ini -- stored in your mydocuments folder on win vista/7/8, or in ScreenshotCaptor directory on xp).

Answer to your second question:
You can tell SC to save all files as jpg files by default (see the Image File Format tab); you can experiment with the Compression Level to get the best file size vs quality tradeoff.
OR if you don't mind an extra step, you can capture in the normal PNG lossless format, and then just use SaveAs to save jpg when you need to post to your forum.

Answer to your third question:

For the fastest workflow -- I turn off the post-capture dialog, so you can just capture images without intervention.  If you are posting on a forum, a really nice feature is go to the Post-Capture options dialog, and tell SC to capture the file PATH to the clipboard after every capture.  Then you can capture an image and it will put the path on the clipboard where you can paste it into the file browse dialog that will be shown when you tell your forum to attach an image file.

ps. I'm going to move this post to the Screenshot Captor area of our forum.

Thank you!  Will upgrade now.  If things continue as they have been and I decide to use Screenshot Captor as my main screen capture program, I will be back with a donation.


Third, what settings would I use to increase the speed (fastest possible) at which I can take successive screen captures?
-purdychar (April 21, 2014, 07:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

if you're working with Firefox (possibly relevant with other browsers too),
deselect this option (not sure what the default it):

questions re settings

EDIT// sorry, I thought I had it set to capture the cursor.
I meant the second tickbox option there - "Retrieve and restore..."


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