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scrolling down to save web page content

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eager to learn:

Thank you so much!

eager to learn:
Here's something I've noticed.

If in that command bar I type screenshot -- C:\\Sports\\Detroit Tigers (as a folder) it deplores that space between the ending "t" in Detroit and the beginning "T" in Tigers.

If I then try, C:\\Sports\\DetroitTigers\\hits (with hits as the new name for the new content captured on a Web site it seems to copy it but I can't find it anywhere on the hard drive even after doing a full Windows search of the entire hard drive for anything created since yesterday through today.

However, If I then try, C:\\Sports\\Baseball\\hits - it copies it to the Baseball sub-folder where I can find it easily.

So, I wonder if it just doesn't like 2 worded Windows sub-folders?

It has problems saving to a 2 worded sub-folder but not a one word sub-folder

^spaces in folders are problematic - a solution is often to put the path in inverted commas e.g. using your one above
"C:\\Sports\\Detroit Tigers"
I have no idea though if that would work here...

I presume the C:\\Sports\\DetroitTigers\\hits didnt work because there should be a space in the Detroit Tigers folder (or did you create a new one without a space?)

eager to learn:

No, I kept the Detroit Tigers folder with the space but I could never find that copy of the png.

So, I just retried capturing but instead of copying to the Detroit Tigers folder I just copied to the one word Baseball folder and that worked.

Maybe I have to just make peace with copying content to one word Windows folders or to the clipboard and then paste that into the two word folder?

Thank you!

I've got a suggestion for a procedure that has server me well for over 20 years.
I'm a download junkie!
Lost everything on download.
Go to C:\............ New folder
open new folder named All Downloads
When I find a download I save it to All Downloads.... Always!
Mostly I save web pages.. go to Save Page.... Save as an html file.
Saving as html you get the "webpage.htm" and it opens a folder to contain "the includes" with the same name as the htm file...
The includes are all the files necessary to render the page with all the images, etc.
SO..... you now have all the images, CSS pages etc.
The images may be in any of several formats. Wrong format?
I use IrFanView to convert, view, rotate , or anything else you can do with an image.....
It also does screen captures.....
Freeware... I wouldn't be without it.
irfanview download

Save everything to All Downloads and web pages in html so you can edit the page if you want and you have a folder containing all the images, etc.
Why All Downloads?
The folder stays near the top of list because of the A in All
All Downloads for every download....... every time!
exe files, pdfs you can move to where you want them OR copy them to where you want them and leave the original in All Downloads so you can go back and get them again when you goof... and again when you goof???
I've used this idea in every O/S from Win3.1 to Win8.1.1. I'm not very smart but I know where to find everything I download.


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