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scrolling down to save web page content

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eager to learn:

I'm a newbie.

I just downloaded the program and I'm not sure how to scroll down so I can save all the content I see on a web page beyond just the first screen which could be saved with print screen?

Once I've captured all that content, how do I save all that as a jpg? Tiff? PDF?

Thanks so much!

Scrolling captures can be a bit tricky, but there are some videos showing how to do it here.

All modern browsers have addons you can download that can pretty easily capture a large webpage that needs scrolling -- if it's only web pages that you need to do scrolling captures for, that may be easiest.

eager to learn:
Hi Mouser,

Thank you ever so much for replying!

I have Firefox version 24.

Someone mentioned an extension called "Scrapbook" and then "Scrapbook Plus"

I downloaded and installed both but I get pop up menu with all sorts of options - some already have check marks next to them and the default save folder is the Root Folder - which I'm guessing is the C drive - the root directory?

Might you have any ideas you cna please share about what options I should check/un-check using Scrapbook?

Also, how does one scroll to capture web page content using Scrapbook?

Unless, you have found a better FF extension or add-on?

Thank you so much again for all your kind help,.

If you are just going to capture web pages...

If you can find the developer toolbar in Firefox I believe you can do something like...
Note: In Firefox 29 Beta you can press Shift + F2 to open it and it may be the same in older versions, but I am unsure.

screenshot yourfilename.png --fullpage

I believe the screenshot will go into your downloads folder. (Note: The file will only be saved as a png file.)


You can also just copy it to clipboard for pasting in paint or other application...

screenshot --clipboard --fullpage

For further help on options for screenshot you would use:

help screenshot

No addon needed I believe for that one.

eager to learn:
Hey Hamradio,

I think you're on to something!

In my FF version 24 I can select Tools>Web Developer>Developer Toolbar (you're correct it is also Shift/F2).

I've never used this function so I kinda' get lost after that.

There's a command-type prompt which appears at the bottom of the screen with all sorts of things.

I'm not sure what my next step is after laughing the developer toolbar?

I'm not clear on how to get to screenshot yourfilename.png --fullpage?

I'm also not sure how to ...screenshot --clipboard --fullpage?

I can press the PrntScreen button on my keyboard but I don't think that will grab the whole webpage as I scroll down, or can it?

Also, how do I reach screenshot?

Thank you ever so much!


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