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Windows 8.0 Pro Lic. for Win7 Pro/Ult

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Yeah, the huge selling point of Windows 7 Ultimate was that Microsoft promised all these cool things were going to come out exclusively for Ultimate owners...and nothing ever came. Well, besides a stupid game. It was rather lame.

Thanks for the advice, both of you.  I'm not sure what release has Previous Versions of Files.  But with ShadowExplorer you can get old versions of files out of Restore Points even with Home Premium.  So I guess Pro and higher is pretty much the same for my purposes.

Edit: On the other hand I already have the Ultimate image.  Downloading a complete image is not trivial as the Library blocks almost all software downloads via WiFi.

Ok.  I successfully downloaded Windows 7 Pro 32 bit English image.  I can swap the W 8.0 Pro Licence for W7 Pro or Ult. License.

Please see my pm.

i am confused, where is the link to the promotion? :-\


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