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Overclock help required !

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That is the problem with updating previous generation machines. Expanding RAM and newer/better hard disk are the items that give your system the most noticeable speed boost.

It is quite difficult to get those part here in Paraguay and the prices reflect that. For example, take RAM. DDR2 modules are not being produced anymore for quite some time and I doubt you still can get new ones here. And for the price of one slow (secondhand) 1GByte DDR2 module I can also buy a 8GByte module (from the same or better brand) and still have some change left.

Now I assume that this situation is more or less the same globally. And after all, you add new hardware to already older hardware and you should determine if that purchase will be valid for a sufficient amount of time. We are talking about older hardware that is likely going to fail sooner than later, when compared with a new PC.

Hence I always bought/build PC's as best I have budget for...and don't upgrade any part afterwards (the hard disk being the exception). To my mind that has never been cost effective and therefore I start saving for my next PC the moment I buy the current one. A strategy that works for me, at least.


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