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Overclock help required !

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     i have Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700,
Motherboard Model: ECS G31T-M7
Motherboard Chipset: Intel G31 (Bearlake) + ICH7

I want to overclock my pc, but do not know the process to do so.
Could someone tell me how could i achieve that.

Thank you for your patience.

What for?
The most you'll get out of it is around 5 to 10%, but you'll hardly notice the difference.
Replacing the HDD with a current model at 7200 rpm or an SSD is going to gain you much more improvement, especially when processing (stored) data.

Btw, that processor was eol'd over 2 years ago, and the combination of model ('Pentium') and GHz (3.0) doesn't give much room for speed improvement.

A quick rule of thumb is to look up your CPU on the CPU World website and check the overclocking information for the chip as a starting point.

But I agree with Ath, it would hardly be worth it considering its age.* And it wouldn't be easy to replace if you fried it since it's well past its EOL point. So I'd think twice. A faster drive would render the most benefit for your effort and expense.

*Having overclocked in the past, I've since come to the conclusion that unless you get very lucky with the chip you have, the results aren't worth the effort or risk of damage - unless you're primarily doing it for the learning experience.

From memory, the E5700 CPU was never intended to be used for games. And that area is where overclocking is mostly used. Get more RAM and the fastest RAM your motherboard supports, besides the SSD of course.

My Asus motherboard is an inbetween one, hence it supports DDR2 RAM modules but at DDR3 speeds. So I bought 2 of those RAM modules which are almost twice as fast as the normal ones. And with my E8200 CPU (also dual core, but intended for games) + ATi Radeon 4670 I still play games such as Skyrim at 1920x1080 resolution without a hitch. The only thing I regret is having the budget to only buy 2 GByte of those RAM modules.

Lack of RAM is the only reason for me to think about buying a new personal system. For all my other intends and purposes this PC is more than adequate. When creating 7zip archives in ultra mode this system is barely slower than an i5 from a Dell laptop I fixed a month or so ago.

Spend money on getting good hardware parts that work nicely together. That way you don't need to spent so much on hardware every 3 to 4 years or so. If you do your homework with this, the PC you'll end up with will last significantly longer.

My only problem now is that I cannot buy those fast DDR2 modules anymore, only the standard ones that are clocked at 800MHz. And I don't want those modules as these will slow done my faster RAM modules. A sacrifice I don't want to make, hence my regret regarding budget.

Maybe it is a better idea to spent money on a better videocard than your current one if the purpose of overclocking is gaming.

I remember the good ole days of having a 300 MHz Celeron and being able to overclock it to 450 MHz. :D

Unfortunately, those days are gone. If you don't have high quality RAM to go along with a high quality CPU, you're only going to experience headaches when trying to overclock.

It's not worth it and things have gotten to the point that even 3 or 4 year old computers are plenty fast enough to do everything except some demanding games.


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