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In search of ... functional software kvm

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And beyond that, when sw a costs 40$, and sw b (ShareMouse) not even 10, it'd be a good idea - I've said this before, re some other poster who just said "I prefer a over b", without giving reasons - to explain why buying sw a should be preferable. I acknowledge, though, that for once, I did similarly, with ShareMouse; it's just that my trial has been some time ago, and ShareMouse was very smooth, whilst I had (minor and major) problems with some free offerings, must have overlooked Multiplicity then.

Well, Stardock seems to be another of those "games"; that would not count for a real advantage over ShareMouse, would it? ;-)


Sorry, my fault: Edgerunner = the dedicated subsidiary of Stardock who do "Fences" et al.

Multiplicity seems to be a very interesting program, btw, 3 different versions, so thank you a lot for mentioning it here.

They responded to me within a few minutes, so I'm not sure what happened. :(  Been using multiplicity for a while... and now that they've added KVM support for headless use.  Stardock was the original company... they spun off their productivity software into Edgerunner to differentiate from their games and desktop customization division.  Which I guess makes sense from as much corporate interest as it gets.


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