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Correcting a mispelling in a captured image?

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There is an artifact above the word "automatically".

hm, where did that come from

the patched text is " "Patch text "

Aside from the artifact (looks like part of a text-selection cursor), a careful look will spot the difference in the new bolded text -- but it would be fine for most uses.

yeah, moving the box around between more then a couple of edits, background and text boxes, made that little mark

between saved edits, i had a few saved versions
it did not take very long to do it

Thanks mouser, shades and everyone who contributed..

Was able to utilize "Patch text" tool make the changes..and yes, the text doesn't match exactly but it's fine for my use.

Actually, if I spent the time trying to match the font and tried some different Blend Modes perhaps it might of?

I used the Text Box to redo the text..makes sense doesn't it.

Now, if anyone would care to tell me how to capture a Scrolling Window image w/o overlaps(horizontal and vertical) I'd be mighty

Thanks again everyone!


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