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Correcting a mispelling in a captured image?

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So, I captured an image and would like to use it in a presentation.

But alas, I noticed something incorrect in the text(black)

The background is a shade of grey(not 50 Shades of Grey though  8)).

I see a color cop color picker tool.

Can I use that to match the background grey and "paint" over the incorrect text and then re-do the black text correctly.

I know this can probably be done in GIMP but was curious if possible with this great tool.

Thanks so much  :up:

For this type of image 'doctoring' a tool such as the Gimp, PhotoShop, PaintShop, RWPaint, Krita or would be a better choice. To do this properly (meaning: without people noticing) requires more skill than most think and you don't want to be too limited by the restrictions of the software you are using for editing.

Capturing screens is where the true strength of ScreenshotCaptor lies. And in my opinion it is wiser to use specific software for its specific purpose.

Everything Shades says is true.

However, SC *does* have a couple of nice features for quickly hiding information on a screenshot.

For example, you can select the area containing the incorrect text, and use the SpecialFX2 menu item labeled "Patch text/contents of selected region with background" to have SC automatically look at the background color and fill it in.
This feature was designed specifically to help you quickly hide stuff -- and it's a useful tool worth knowing about in SC.

As for adding your own replacement text, you could do it with a text box with transparent background and no border -- but here is where SC will not be able to compete with a real graphics program -- in letting you really tweak the text formatting to match the original.  SC just isn't designed for that level of fine grained text tweaking.

Can you see where I "Patched text" ?

made the font a little bigger.
The boldness is not an exact copy I think.


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