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Simple audio recording utility wanted

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Looking for a simple utility to record any audio playing on my computer, eg. the audio from a youtube clip, the audio from a music clip on the web etc.
Not recording from attached microphone.
Any recommendations?

There are programs that do this -- at least there were on windows XP -- windows 7 is a slightly different beast.
I hope someone else with some experience with this will post a better answer, but one thing to check out is that some sound drivers have a special "virtual" recording input that you can choose, which is essentially "record when you hear" -- that is, it is a recording input that records whatever sounds are playing through the speakers.

Go to your recording input sources in your sound control panel and see if you have something like that.  If so, you may have more options.

This video shows a tutorial of what i'm talking about:

I use Total Recorder in Win7:

Total recorder, thanks for the reminder -- that's the well known trusted tool for this kind of thing.
Nice to know it works on Windows 7.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I should have added that I'm using Windows 8.1 :(


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