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Shift + PrtScn superimposes screen

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Latest version of screenshot captor: 4.8.2

i have updated to the latest version and after clicking some boxes in the preferences i get a superimposed screen every time i use "shift and prt scn"  :huh:

how can i reset this phenomenon?
I did search but could not find a solution to my problem...

thank you for helping out

Hi tt.

Can you elaborate your description of what's happening?

OS win8 on a macbook air (I know a bad combination  :-\)

if i press shift and print screen, the whole active window superimposes to exactly double the size
i can take a screenshot
and after that
the screen goes back to normal size again

I think i see the problem..

Can you try redownloading and reinstalling and see if the new version fixes it?


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