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Scary Driveby Attack / Mysterious failure / Other

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Backup everything Tao!

hang in there SJ :Thmbsup: ... not smoking can be like a drug in itself [spaced?]

Stoic Joker:
Spaced, not so much ... Stressed to the point where hostile, dog style, man style makes no difference...yes. I have zero patience at this point, so I'm reflexively falling back on covering stress/aggravation(/hostility) with humor to prevent myself from just screaming fuck at random people like a badly self medicated turrets patient.

Honestly, what I really wanted to do to half the users today:

^what can I say... best of luck to you, and to those users too ;)

^Amen! I gave it up ages ago and it's probably the main reason I'm still here posting this. Because if I had continued smoking, the consequences would have been pretty grim. Those first few weeks going without were one of the hardest (if not actual hardest) things I ever went through.

Hang in there and good luck. It's doable - and I'm the proof:

So can you. :Thmbsup:

^ serious - over 21 years here. Do it for health and for the expense reduction... the irritability is just a side benefit.  :P


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