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IDEA: fling a window across the screen


You are given these via parameters on execution:
1. sx - Start X point
2. sy - Start Y point
3. fx - Final X point
4. fy - Final Y point
5. d - final displacement (int) of start to finish swipe
6. v - Velocity (double) of how fast the touch or swipe was
7. a - final acceleration of how fast the touch or swipe was accelerating (can be negative)

Coding Snack Job - Accept the above as command line parameters and then
Fling the window across the screen slowing it down due to the friction of the desktop.

This will be in used in conjunction with a touch-pad gesture program which I will release later.
It may pass parameters like so: s100,1032 f1300,123  d103 v1.38882 a-1.313

By the way, use WindowFromPoint() api call from sx,sy to grab the window that needs to be flung


Ok, so I have been experimenting with the script you posted sk.
Here is my modified version that seems good for my purposes:

But my question is, how can I modify it to accept parameters in the command line?
Also where can I input the direction and and grab the current window that the mouse is over or something.


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