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IDEA: Windows desktop productivity tool

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If I where you,
I would have one folder on my desktop
full of hardlinks (junctions) to these other folders.

So if I need to see the content of one special folder,
I just would click at that hardlink.
(and those folder each would have a hardlink back to desktop folder.

But in real I would just use a good file manager ;-)

This claims to allow desktop folder change in Windows Seven.

I didn't find the registry key in Windows Eight. I don't have W7 anymore to see if it is there as noted in the article.

I found This for wndows 8, i'll be glad if this helps..

But i want a tool to easy & simple change this path whenever i want (and maybe some sort of Favorites system :) )

If that guide works then it shouldn't be difficult to have a bunch of existing folders.  The program would let you select a folder and change the Registry value to point to it.  Then it would kill all copies of Explorer. In fact I have a program that pops up a list of folders near the mouse.  When you click a folder it just opens it.  I may be able to adapt it so the chosen folder is made the desktop folder.

I'll try out the concept tomorrow.

I have some working proof-of-concept code that can switch the desktop and doesn't require a logoff.  I need to play with it a bit more, though.  Stay tuned.


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