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IDEA: Windows desktop productivity tool

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Hello there.

My name is Stefanos i'm a designer and i work with way too many files. I always use the desktop as the main place to temporary put my files cause it's the easiest to do and it's always at the same place.After done working with my project i clean my desktop and organize my files inside the appropriate folders.
All this is too much and i always find myself with a hell of a desktop.

I'm am trying to find a way that the desktop of windows represents a user specified folder of any of my disks and with an tray icon that i can change this folder with just a click to anything i want including the "official" /Desktop.
But i want this to be clean and fast. (ex. not copying pasting files as it uses to much resources)

1st way. The one way i think is someone with the technical skills to make a tool that just fulls windows to show any specified desktop (which as i understand is a full screen explorer window) folder.

2nd way. And the second way (a bit messier ) is to lock a full screen explorer window on the bottom of the Z order on windows

A mock up that i made (cause images are better than letters)
IDEA: Windows desktop productivity tool

I found those forums searching for the solution to my problem and of what i saw you might be the ones that know how to do this thing.

thank you all for your time
I posted this probably on the wrong forum so i moved it here

what about soemthing like fences?

2 different versions that I know of

Stardock Fences, or

Tago Fences

I've tried everything from rocketdock to fences etc, but nothing seems to really work clean and great. i end up again with a messy workflow :/, Those tools allow you to make "groups" but i want the entire window to show just one folder, be stable and clean..

Is StandaloneStack closer to what you need?

Thank you rgdot and Target for your answers but i'm searching for a way to display all the content of one specified folder to the desktop, as if it was the desktop contents displayed. Not just an app launcher or a folder launcher. Fences only gets close to what i want but its laggy and not designed for that particular use,  (easily changing the displaying folder)


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