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The right organization (WE views and a particular need)

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The right organization (WE views and a particular need)

I have my files organized by expedients.
Each expedient have a crono folder.
Inside the year, the month-year and finally the day inside.
I think this is a good organization when you revise the subject by date.
But many times I also need a "general" view of the documentation....
And other times I don't remember the date or need a more general view....
Revising date by date is sometimes boring and slow.
Windows explorer options seems oriented to order files inside a folder, but i would like more options.
By example :
1. See an independent list of files contains in the year folder simply from the windows explorer views
2. See an independent list of files contained in the year.month folder simple from the windows explorer views.

Simply obtain the list of files contained in a folder and its subfolders, by date and even considering the possibility of the same name file.

Seems like a saved filter of course.
May be an ahk script ?
A new see option in the windows explorer (w7) ?
a new contextul menu option ?
A new filter option in the contextual menu option ?
I would like an answer integrated in the windows explorer options.
But any other answer may serve....
I think is like a "virtual" browsing of files to the parent folders (the selected folder) even considering the possibility of files with the same name inside the subfolders.
So i will obtain a new "virtual" window with the content of the folder and subfolders....

I suppose there are many ways to get this.

Virtual folders in windows explorer
How to create a virtual folders to include several criterias and organizations from a given WE window ?

Best Regards

P.D. I would prefer a simple tool and not a specialised tool like a second browser apart WE for windows 7.....


I am seeing the libraries from windows 7 but need to be formed previously.
My problem is different because I create a folder to be seen every day.
So I would like a more dinamical search folder, or library for the occassion.
always are libraries with the same structure : list of files in a new window contained in the selected folder and its subfolders....

You need a new file manager ;-) :D
If I understand your requests correctly, Dopus can do most of this. Not sure about other file managers.

EDIT// not sure if I understand your second post. Can you try and give more detail - maybe give an example too.

aysss tomos dopus is not freeware.Always is mentioned as a big program. And i know is a superb program .So I was thinking about a simple script.
Even perhaps i have something similar.
By example . a script able to create an auxiliary folder at the same level of the target folder containing all the shortcuts to files and folders and subfolders and the files contained in the target folder.....
i have tried with free commander to create a txt file list, but is not comfortable.
What i am most used is to see the files in a window . So the solution with the shortcuts may be useful and viable.

so the script may scan the folder selected and its subfolders creating a new saved windows with the content of the target folder, all is files and even distinguish if some files have the same name and extension....


Tomos is right. Windows Explorer Although its library functionality is a big improvement, it is not extensive enough for your needs. And with that we enter into the realm of alternative file managers,

Directory Opus is the only one I am really familiar with, so I'll focus on that one. Within Opus you can create your own layouts that you can apply on any set of folders and files. Sorting, different types of columns etc. you'll find it. Together with the manual and an adventurous spirit, you'll find out how. Besides that you will likely discover many more ways to alter your way of working with folders/files once you the the hang of it.

Maybe its pre-configured views already do what you want.

The filesystem of Windows quite powerful. However, support for displaying two files with the same name in the same folder, but a different date is not possible (if I understood your description correctly that is).



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