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UV Art - really cool!

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Swiped this from another forum and had to share, because it's very cool.  Go to UV Art and click on "Portfolio."  Then, be certain to drag the slider bar, because the art changes when you do so.  I thought many were very nice.

very very cool

Great site, with very good art!
I had no idea it was possible to have art that would change after the light that was on it!

Here's a screenshot

Awesome art :) :Thmbsup:


You can actually do some of this at home if you have a blacklight, a drawing table, and some fluorecent markers or paint (

I used to know someone who used to do this all the time, all you have to do is make a drawing with regular paint or markers, then go over it with the fluorecent kind. Depending on the kind of markers and/or paint you use it will be visible or unvisible in normal light. But either way, you can get a totally different drawing under a blacklight. It's pretty cool :)

Offcourse the work on that site surpasses all of that and is done very professionally, it looks really great.


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