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WinXP is officially dead!

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Well, Avast say they will continue to support XP users for the next 3 years:

avast! blog » Windows XP users sticking to the OS despite support cutoff

As AVAST users they are protecting themselves since we will continue to support Windows XP users for at least the next three years. This number is relatively high considering the security risks involved with the OS and makes one wonder how many XP users are not concerned about their protection and aren’t planning on upgrading their OS, buying a new PC or seeking AV that will support them. AVAST has been creating protection modules and detections specifically designed to cover Windows XP vulnerabilities and other security problems. We recommend non-AVAST Windows XP users download AVAST for the added protection. avast! 2014 is a light product, both in terms of speed and resource consumption, tailored for older PCs running XP. In addition to this, we recommend users stop using Internet Explorer, as the browser poses an even larger threat when used on Windows XP. The latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows XP is 8, which is outdated and lacks many security improvements available in later versions of the browser. We recommend XP users switch to a safer browser that updates itself, like Google Chrome.
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I also checked AVG, and they say:

5529 AVG support for Windows XP

AVG software will continue to work and receive new program versions and antivirus updates.

To keep your computer safe, we recommend to upgrade your Windows to a newer version (Windows 7 or 8). To prevent web-based attacks aimed at outdated versions of Internet Explorer, you can increase your on-line safety by installing an alternative Internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
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Maybe what's needed is a fake version handler.  Like when your Firefox browser says it's IE so the web page will load.  Replace the GetVersionEx() API to return 6.1.

Stoic Joker:
On the topic, this is worth a read:The... Windows... XPocalypse... is... NIGH

Well, Avast say they will continue to support XP users for the next 3 years:
-dr_andus (April 19, 2014, 05:55 PM)
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Just as a side note... the ESET business antivirus product (here) still supports Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000...

Carol Haynes:
I actually think Win 8 will be the last (ok maybe second to last) "for sale" as opposed to "for lease" OS Microsoft will do.
-40hz (April 09, 2014, 09:01 PM)
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Not so sure - they probably want to do that but are system builders going to accept that as a model. "Yes sir our computer comes with Windows 9 preinstalled, but it you want to use it after the 60 day trial you will have to pay £/$69.99 each year"

Can you imagine the chaos in shops and online returns when people realise that they have bought a computer that they can only effectively rent from Microsoft? The number of returns and complaints would be totally massive.

Either that or it will give OEMs the jolt they need to start offering alternatives.

Hate to say it but Apple and Linux are starting to look interesting to me!


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