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WinXP is officially dead!

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the day has arrived! support for the persistent WinXP has officially ended. anyone here going to defy microsoft and keep using winxp?


I think these security fears about windows XP no longer being "supported" are way overblown -- keep your internet *applications* updated and don't be stupid, and I think users of XP are going to be safe indefinitely, with nothing to worry about.

Having said that -- I held out upgrading from windows XP to Windows 7 for quite some time and I can say that minus some minor quibbles, I have been very pleasantly surprised with Windows 7 and would heartily recommend it to everyone.

Windows 7 is awesome. It's not perfect, but it's the best Windows experience I've ever had.

Sadly, my netbook doesn't run it (or XP) very well, so I've recently installed Linux Mint XFCE on it in place of XP.

Carol Haynes:
XP is fine for anyone with any sense - trouble is 90% of people using it don't have any sense at all!

I imagine there might be a lot of people like me for whom their XP machine is not their primary machine but their netbook or laptop (my main PC is Win7). It doesn't have the specs to be upgraded to Win7 or 8.

I just find MS's move annoying. It certainly won't push me to rush out and buy a Win8 netbook/laptop/tablet. If anything, this move is more likely to prompt such people to explore alternative OS's such as Linux or ChromeOS (as Deozaan also said above).

But I guess MS is after small businesses. Though even they may consider adopting Chromebooks or Chromeboxes as a result.


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