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send PNG by email but inserted into email instead of as an attachment

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OK, Time for another "How to I DO this" and I know :Thmbsup: this is the best place to ask.

I have a need to be able to send many PNG files which are actually screenshots showing how to do something or what they should see when they try to do it to a number of people.  I have a whole library of these covering various problems.

On the first time out, the screen capture program even by default adds it to the email as an attachment.  This may not seem such a big deal but since PNG files by default are opened as Windows Photo manager or some such quite often the result is not usable or does not convey the original meaning in its entirety,  I have tried all kinds of auto-size and such to get the image down to a what I saw when I made it but that still is not a solution.  PAINT does the best job but it is not the default PNG viewer on many (most) systems.

The perfect solution would be to embed the image within the email at about 50% of the original.  I can do that now, but it takes a LOT of manipulating to do so.  Right click send as email wont do it.  Opening an email, inserting the png, and resizing to 50% is the only way I have found.

Is there a utility or method that I am overlooking?

All I want to do is right click the correct screenshot.png and choose send by email and have that option open an email in outlook with the image already inserted at 50%.

Then I can add any necessary info and I do not have to worry about Outlook Blocking the attachment since there isn't one.
Plus I know they see it at a size that can fit on one page.

Thanks for any advice.  

Even from 4WD.   :P

Because he seems to already know all of it.
(you too Mr. Shades)   :)

This probably isn't that helpful to you since it's not about Outlook, but FWIW: Gmail automatically inserts attachments inside the emails these days. That is, you can simply click and drag a photo into your email that you're composing, and it will insert and display it inline (where you drop it) instead of listing it as a download at the top/bottom of the email.

P.S. You don't need to edit your post to notify you of replies. Just click the Notify button:

If you use Outlook as your MUA, you can just paste the clipboard image into an email directly. Take the screen shot, go to your email, paste.  As long as your screen shot program copies to the clipboard, of course (which Screenshot Captor and Greenshot both do).  If you need to resize, click the image and drag the corner until it's ok.  Outlook is far from perfect but it does make some things easy.

(FWIW, every email client I have ever used is far from perfect.  :P)

For existing images open a message and choose Insert, Pictures and then select the files you want; that will insert them all at once into the message.  You may have to resize them if the rez isn't what you want, and add your text in appropriate places, of course.

You could also consider using PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) which is built-in to Win7. It automates a lot (possibly most/all) of what you describe yourself doing manually, in the opening post. It puts the steps, screenshots and your comments text into an MHT file which is actually just a MIME email format file. The MHT file is ZIPped, all ready for emailing.  The MHT file is viewable in a web browser.
Here's the link to the Microsoft Help page about PSR: How do I use Problem Steps Recorder?
Here's an image copy of the help page from PSR:

Many thanks to all,  Some good ideas here.  especially the last one as I have never heard of it.  Problem steps recorder?  Weill
I'm up for it.  (barely up..:(  but i'll try anything after some sleep)


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