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send PNG by email but inserted into email instead of as an attachment

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As a a general rule, if you want to embed an image into the middle of an email rather than having along as an attachment then you have to format the email as HTML.

thanks to all..
I am having some trouble finding the PSR and wondered if it was a Windows 8 thing? 
I am gonna go down screaming to hang on to Windows 7 as long as I can :) 
(I almost hear myself Screaming already)!

I think the initial comment may have been a good point in the right direction.   The screenshot program I am using just does not have the capacity to save INSIDE an email.
I can choose save and SEND but it goes as an attachment.
I can probably also try the paste option as it does save to Clipboard too.

I am already knee deep in the next "How do I do this".  That is why I have to keep notes on everything I learn.  everyday brings a new challenge.
I might post this in a separate question as it is complicated to explain, though very simple for me to envision.  And I have no idea how to "say" it so....
Thanks to all for the answers here.  I am going to try the other screen capture programs and HOPE that I can run PSR on Win7!!


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