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are wireless projectors just a bandwidth hog?

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention the UVerse set top boxes they sent us can also can be set up as wired via the RJ45 jack on the back.

The basic UVerse TV installation consists of 1 500GB DVR Base Unit. For wireless you receive an additional dedicated WAP for the set top boxes. plus up to something like 4 wireless STBs. (You'll pay a monthly rental fee for each.)

The user manual can be downloaded here if anybody is interested.

I'm frankly amazed how well it works considering who it comes from. ;D (kidding...just kidding!) ;)

Shades, I am not a big fan of PPT either, especially when the presenter only reads what is on the slide.  I am perfectly capable of doing my own reading ... don't need to be read to.  :D


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