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are wireless projectors just a bandwidth hog?

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is anyone using wireless projectors in the classroom.  They have come down in price quite a bit.  But, I was wondering what wifi projection will do to my wifi network that has ipads and laptops on it.  Almost all of the rooms have an access point in them.

I am looking at Epson EX5220 to use in our school. Epson

Does wireless projection take a lot of bandwidth?

Looking for some feedback here. 


Well, no. But any videostream is bound to gobble up bandwidth, no matter where it goes. A videostream you would like to show on a beamer has a big resolution and (too much) compression is likely not desired if picture quality is of concern. If the stream contains a text-based powerpoint presentation with voice over, less bandwidth is consumed.

Besides, what kind of WiFi is in the classroom? Has each room an allotted amount of bandwidth or do you apply a fair-use-policy?

We are using Ubiquit Unifi Pro for an access points.  Each room has their own AP.  If I am remembering correctly, we do have some limits in place.  I will be in that building on Tuesday and will try to double check for sure.

It would be power points most likely without voice overs.  Also they will show you tube videos.

Shades: want to use these beamers as torture devices on your students?

As you might have guessed...not a big fan of PP presentations, especially by people who think they have a clue about presentation or "readers".


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