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IDEA: Program to list possible Windows keys based on partial information

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I have a situation where I have a laptop that has a Windows key (25 character key - 5 groups of 5 characters) that is partially worn away. Some of the characters are very readable, while others are not. For the ones that are not readable, I can take a guess as to what they are.

What I would like is a program where I can enter a base Windows key and all of my guesses for each character. The program would then generate all of the possible key combinations from that information so that I can check them off as I try activating Windows with them. I guess the most ideal version of this program could try each of the combinations by brute force, but that may or may not be do-able.

I reformatted the laptop and now I cannot enter the key because I cannot read all of the characters.

Could anybody help with something like this?



I'm not familiar with the 5 x 5 keyboard.  But if it generates virtual key codes why not try a program that just echos the key code?

I think he means the Windows OS registration in the sticker on laptop is faded.  Not the keyboard...

Yes, it is the OS registration key on the bottom of the laptop that is faded.

Thank you so much for your quick attention to my request :)

I have a degree in computer programming, but it has been SO LONG since I have done any programming. I plan on trying my hand at this, but I know that you guys can do it a lot quicker than I can, and a lot better:)


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