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Trouble adding a Hard drive as a link

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I want to have an icon at the top of my launchbar that when clicked opens the second hard drive where my music is store. So far I can only get it to display all the songs as a menu.

It's probably a setting I'm overlooking I'm sure but I cannot find it. Is there a way to do this ?

just change the node type to a "Command" with the command being the drive to open like "E:\"
that should do it.

that's not working for me. when I set that and save the field is blank again

seems to work here -- can you give me a screenshot of how you have the node set before you click save?

I acknowledge that the configuration provides no clue how to configure this -- ill try to fix that in next update.

ok got it now. sorry about that. I had to pur the drive letter in Application/Command and working directory.

edit: Thanks again for this app. Best out there for me among all the flashy bloated launchbar software. Launchbar commander is lightweight fast and configurable, so kudos


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