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GS-Base - 50% off

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A database with some spreadsheet features. 50% off till April, 8.

* 12 mln records in one table; 2,047 fields in one record; any number of tables in one file.
* Versatile record filtering methods, searching for duplicates, full-text searches and quick statistical breakdown analysis.
* Printing serial forms, letters/reports and any type of mailing labels.
* Sending serial personalized e-mail messages with customized attachments.
* Creating and editing text, dBase, Clipper and FoxPro files.
* Pivot tables with up to 12 mln rows.
* Around 300 built-in calculation function used for calculated fields and data validation.
* GS-Base can be installed on any portable device and used without performing any registry modifications.
Sample screen:
Trial version:  (1.85MB)

In general, it's good to announce your affiliation with a product more explicitly (though the S/N gives a good indication).  You are also welcome to post in the announce your product section.  And welcome to the site!

One question- there's no indication of format of the files, nor exports, other than the blurb

Convenient plain zip file format enabling users to view and modify records, tables and embedded files/images even without using GS-Base.

--- End quote ---

What format are the files internally?  And does the coupon apply to the bundle also?

Thanks. Yes, it's as the nick suggests - I'm the author of GS-Base.

Re: the default file format, this is a native/private ("partially binary") file format. Nevertheless it should be quite safe as all the data is stored in the zip file in its original format. That is, tables with records as plain utf-8 text files, memo files as *.txt or *.rtf files etc.
To clarify this better I just uploaded a page from the help file:
(Just one page at this time.)

The supported file formats are listed on the homepage: dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, text, XML, Excel XML, HTML, PDF. (XML, PDF - export only.)

The coupon is valid for GS-Base licenses only.

Hm, having a data-file extension of .txt seems quite unsafe to me, even when 'hidden' inside a .zip or .gsb archive. I'd have opted for something less prone to unwanted editing, like .gst (GS-Base Table).


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