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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

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I've encountered a problem with the referenced keyboard.  For some strange reason it does not have a Break/Pause key.  I'm trying to figure out how to set FARR up to launch using some other key combination, but I'm not having any luck.  I'm fairly certain this is operator error, as I don't completely understand how to assign the keys.  I would appreciate any assistance. 

Also, if anyone knows how to add a "Break/Pause" function to this keyboard, I would appreciate any advice as I'm sure the lack of this key(s) will cause problems down the road.



You can customize what keys launch FARR from the hotkeys tab in options.  Desktop keyboards usually have a Pause/Break key, but on laptop keyboards that don't i sometimes use the ` (backtick or reverse apostrophe) key or alt+backspace.  You could also use a function key.

Got it!  Works fine. 


Just did a search for images of the keyboard -- seems you are right they got rid of the pause/break key -- that's too bad.  At least they still left me the PrtScr key.

Which key did you go with for activating FARR?

I went with the backtick.  I avoided the function keys because this keyboard has a manual switch between the function keys and keyboard hot keys.  I think the idea was to come up with a keyboard that provides a transition to Windows 8, but it's kind of a mess (they also didn't include indicators to show "Num Lock" and "Caps Lock", if you can believe it).

I bought this model because it was on a great sale and I wanted the ergonomic profile.  I had a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard previously and I like the format much better than a standard (non-ergonomic) arrangement.  I don't type enough for the oddities to be an issue and, if they do bother me, I'll use my old keyboard and look for another ergonomic model.  I do, however, use FARR a lot so that was an issue I had to resolve.

Again, thanks for the quick response (and great program!).


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