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This might be a bit hard to understand, but anyway: I'm very used to the windows run behaviour. In it, you can do something like this:

1. Type c:\py
2. The box below will contain (among others) the folder c:\Python27
3. By pressing down once, c:\python27 can be marked, and the text field is changed to c:\python27
4. Now you can type \, making the textbox say c:\python27\ which will make it show the contents of the folder c:\python27\

For example, if I want to open the file c:\Python27\Lib\, I would type win+r c:\py[down]\l[down]\ur\[down][enter]

Is there any way I can get a similar behaviour in FARR? Right now, step 1 and 2 works the same, but in step 3 marking c:\python27 doesn't change the text box, and what's more important is that if you continue typing nothing happens. Does FARR not support that? You could press tab first, but that's way too much work if you're traversing a subfolder of depth 10 or 15.

You might be surprised at what hitting Tab will do if you are typing the path of a directory in FARR..  I think it does what you are wanting.

down arrow key is hard to press, when you are typing...
so TAB ;D


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