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Ocster Backup Pro 8 disct expires April 28th, 2014

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Midnight Rambler:
As stated in the email received 4-17-2014:

Gift From the Easter Bunny.  Save 67% on Ocster Backup Pro 8.

At Easter people like to fulfill the wishes of those that are important to them. For us, our users are the most important people, so we decided to fulfill your most requested wish.

Last month on World Backup Day we ran a unique 24 hour promotion with a huge 67% discount on Ocster Backup Pro 8. People were very excited, but we also got some critical feedback from those who wanted more time to test the software before buying.

We understand! So we decided to offer this big 67% discount again over the Easter holidays.

Buy now: 12.90 USD 39.90 USD

More Information

Offer valid only until Monday, April 28th, 2014 !



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