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Ocster Backup Pro 8 disct expires April 28th, 2014

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Midnight Rambler:

Installed Ocster 1-Click Backup from GiveAwayoftheDay and now Ocster sends me these deal alerts. Use mainly Acronis True Image so can't critique Ocster product but discount is substantial for those in the market for backup software.

Price is definitely exceptional for an imaging/backup product that supports Windows Server as this product appears to.  :tellme:

There was once a time when I knew all the software companies like this.  That time is no more.  because I don't give a S---!! anymore.   :D

That's my reaction right now because my brain just went "What the f--- is Ocster and how come it's never passed through here before?"

looks cool though.

Midnight Rambler:
This offer apparently is still valid and now it's through Monday, April 28th, 2014.

not quite still valid, but for a few days valid again, because of Easter



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