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How do I manually scroll webpage while selecting rectangle?

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I want to manually scroll a page down after selecting the top width of the rectangle to capture the entire rectangle that extends below visual area.

I am not looking for an alternate way to do this. I want to manually scroll while selecting rectangle.

Thank You

I want to do pretty much same thing, whether manual or automatic, to get one continuous rectangle - in my case, entire window scrolled from top to bottom, with no page breaks.  I have played with v.4.8 for a couple hours and can't seem to configure correctly to get desired result. 

You can select manual scrolling mode from the scrolling capture page, but it's not very well developed and can be a real pain.

Hi, mouser.
I tried that option to get a scrolling window.  And it did it.

From floating bar: I hit ctrl and rightclick to get menu, then Select Object, and the hit option 3 to Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object - and yes it does scroll all way to bottom and produce a single image.   The image shows several breaks all along it (like window captures, one after another).  I prefer the image without showing bars or breaks.   If I can only get this result, I can learn to live with it. 

have you checked out the videos on performing scrolling captures? Sometimes they can help show you the different options for automatically stitching together scrolling window captures:


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