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CHS Unicode support


Hey mouser,

in this thread (~ 3yrs ago) you mentioned:

yes i will; now that image support is added, proper unicode and richtext seem to be the next logical steps.-Mouser
--- End quote ---

Any news on this issue? Unicode is in great demand here  :(

Anyone there?

Unicode support is still on my todo list. I've been busy on another project (Mewlo) lately so I am a bit behind on my updates.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid unicode support is till a bit of a ways off, and those who really need it might want to think about using a different tool, and I apologize for that.

Thanks for your reply,

I am using Ditto now but CHS has cooler features :)
Therefore I hope you will break free from yourself ;)

Please add Unicode. I also need this.


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