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Firewalls and LAN


I am trying to set up my XP to use internally within the home network, not for file and printer sharing but screen sharing to access the XP desktop (see Teamviewer in next paragraph). My set up is typical, router (Linksys E2000) to computers.

My reasoning for this is mainly to use Teamviewer's LAN feature (I also tested this with Dukto, a LAN file sharing software).

I thought this would be best served with something for XP as opposed to going into the router settings (Mac blocking, etc.) I came across posts that suggested changing the default gateway on the PC to a 'wrong' address and I guess this is ok. But then I thought I would find lightweight firewalls that might be capable of blocking off the internet and leaving other communication open.

Found PrivateFirewall and an old download of Sygate Personal Firewall that would match the needs (lightweight and XP compatible). They have switches to completely turn off the internet but this affects other processes, for example with Teamviewer set to exclusively accept LAN connections PrivateFirewall still blocks it because I think Teamviewer is still triggering a another process (ntskernl?). I have tried to set exceptions based on internal network (all of 192.168.x.x) and make sure every port and/or exe that Teamviewer (and Dukto) supposedly use to "Allow" and still nope.

I suppose I can use bulkier firewalls like Comodo and see, but ... anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Is there a specific reason you want to firewall this XP box (its outgoing traffic, I presume) off from the internet?  I mean, it's already behind a router...

I suppose the answer to that is ... not really, other than I want it to be as if it's offline. I don't want to manage it, for example ignore any software updates checks and request.

I know the Linksys E2000 can run Tomato but it might be that the original firmware has something similar:

Access Restrictions:

Firewalls and LAN

You just specify that the IP of the computer has no internet access All Day, Every day.

You could leave the computers firewall turned off if you like, (protected by both NAT and routers firewall).

EDIT: Just had a look, it can run the same version of Tomato as I run if you go that way.

Thanks, yes its own firmware supports MAC and IP restrictions similar to that. If all (software on) XP options fail I will go that route :up:


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