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The Selinux coloring book


So, RedHat's own Daniel J. Walsh whipped up a cute little article on how SELinux works over at, complete with cartoons by Máirín Duffy.  Now the cartoons have been published as a coloring book for your up-and-coming junior Linux admins.  
First, read the article...

Your visual how-to guide for SELinux policy enforcement
For those who have never used SELinux, or would like an explanation...

SElinux is a labeling system. Every process has a label. Every file/directory object in the operating system has a label. Even network ports, devices, and potentially hostnames have labels assigned to them. We write rules to control the access of a process label to an a object label like a file. We call this policy.

--- End quote ---

Then, download and print out the coloring book:

Enjoy!  :Thmbsup:

from CodeProject News

That's epic and even a humanities ... uh ... type like me sorta understands!


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