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Pale Moon 4 Linux

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For anyone that's interested, Pale Moon is now being compiled for Linux in both x86 and x64 builds.



Pale Moon is an open source, web browser based on Firefox focusing on efficiency by leaving out unnecessary features and making optimizations, while maintaining compatibility with Firefox extensions and themes.

Pale Moon provides a familiar set of controls and visual feedback similar to previous versions of Firefox, including grouped navigation buttons, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default, and a functional status bar.

This is a third party build; the original project is at For support, check out the wiki at and the forum at
--- End quote ---

Just installed it.

A few YouTube pages that give FF big stones on this machine are working perfectly under PaleMoon.

Very promising. Gonna have to put it through it's paces today. Thx for sharing. :Thmbsup:

If you want a little easier granular control over some of the settings in it, (and Firefox), give the Pale Moon Commander add-on a try.

Scratch that, it's not compatible with the Linux version according to the forum thread here.

Using it for a while now - and liking it! :Thmbsup:

If it makes it through the week without a showstopper it'll be my new default browser for Nix. :)

I haven't had much success setting it up to "Always use private browsing mode" -- at least it doesn't look like it's working.

Steps I followed:

-Bring up preferences
-Select the Privacy section
-Select the drop down next to "Pale Moon will" and choose "Use custom settings for history"
-Ensure the checkbox below "Always use private browsing mode" is checked
-Click on the "Close" button at the bottom right of the dialog

After I restart and view the preferences again, I don't get the sense that the previous settings stuck.

Any one else tried this?

FWIW, it looks like I'm using Pale Moon 24.5.0.

My impression about it not working is likely off -- I think I misunderstood what I was seeing :-[


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