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DONE: Group files from within folders

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i just found the software, and its awesome,
but seem the software could not handle big file (more than 5gb each file)
as its not responding when i tried to copy a folder with big file inside them (the program hang, and progress bar stuck at zero)
i'm using win 8, i will tried with smaller size later...

hopefully u still update this program as i would like to request couple of feature if its possible
like drag drop from the tree to the bucket list, resizable window in bucket list, show folder size correctly (now it only show 0 size for folder)


dear sir

file bucket is a good program

i am saving source file  links in a text file when ever i want to copy i import links from text file

if destination folder is not available i asks to create


in the same way if i rename source folder  and link from text file will become different
in such condition it is skipping the file it must give an error log if one of the source file is not available


Although old, I see that this post is still getting activity, so I may as well join in.  As it happens, just this week I had to solve this very problem.  I decided on a quick and dirty solution, which I will share.

I keep a temporary directory that I use just for this.  The temp dir contains one file, WALK.BAT.  Whatever directories I want to process, I either COPY or MOVE them to this directory.  Then, double-click WALK.BAT.

WALK.BAT contains a single batch file command, which I split into multiple lines here for readability:

FOR /D %%X IN (*.*) DO (
    CD %%X
    MOVE *.* ..
    CD ..

The /D tells the FOR statement to look only at directories, not files, and to process them one at a time.
*.* tells FOR to select all directories.
For each directory in the TEMP directory...
1. Change to that directory...
2. MOVE (or change to COPY) all files it finds there to the directory one level up, namely the TEMP dir that I am using
3. Change directory to the directory one level up, namely the TEMP dir
4. Repeat until done.

When moving, this takes only seconds to run, even for hundreds of source directories.



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