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This would be great if compression worked


Puzzled!  ;)

I have been looking for a webcam capture program for years. I found this one and like it but none of the compression options work with it.

I am using it as a log program (like on STAR TREK) but I need compression to work.

I know that if this would work then changing the look to LCARS and posting it on STAR TREK fan sites would make this go ballistic!

Also it picks up the sounds in my laptop so some audio limiting to get rid of the noise would be great.

I hope the developers see this as I am not a programmer. I just build, fix, secure & support computers and networks.

Sorry for the delay in replying! Especially to a star trek related post!

I have a couple of video recording applications, and I have to admit I still am perplexed and confused and frustrated by the various interactions between compression options and video and audio codecs.

It's not the Webcam Video Diary doesn't support compression -- it's that you have to experiment and find a good set of options and codec choices that work well together and give good compression.

What we really need is for someone who is good at such things to help us understand a good set of configuration options we should all use to get good results with reasonable file sizes.


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