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GoG planning support for Linux starting FALL 2014



Linux gamers of the world rejoice! This announcement from Soon On More Platforms

Good news!

No, don't duck. This is actually good news. We just wanted to announce that, after much deliberation, we've decided that one of the next steps for us is to support Linux. Now, we're not ready to launch Linux games on just yet. We've only been working on bringing these Linux games to our service for a few months, and there's lots more to go, but we wanted to let you know what's going to be coming this fall to a digital distributor near you.

We're initially going to be launching our Linux support on with the full treatment for Ubuntu and Mint. That means that right now, we're hammering away at testing games on a variety of configurations, training up our teams on Linux-speak, and generally getting geared up for a big kick-off in the fall with at least 100 Linux games ready for you to play. This is, of course, going to include games that we sell which already have Linux clients, but we'll also be bringing Linux gamers a variety of classics that are, for the first time, officially supported and maintained by a storefront like ours.
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Gaming stuff might get more notice if posted in the gaming forum.  Or, then again... maybe not?

Cool news for Linux users. I've long said that pretty much the only thing keeping me on Windows is that I can't play my games on Linux. This is quickly becoming a non-issue. :Thmbsup:

Humble Bundle has gotten a lot of Indie games to come to Linux. Steam for Linux has made some vast progress in that regard. And now (or soon, rather) joins the ranks. :Thmbsup:

Gaming stuff might get more notice if posted in the gaming forum.  Or, then again... maybe not?
-wraith808 (March 24, 2014, 12:49 PM)
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I think the announcement is platform specific enough that it's more properly posted here, but I could see posting a link in gaming forum too.

However, it's generally considered bad etiquette to cross-post in a forum so... ;)

Wow, GOG for Linux?  If I understad the zeitgeist of GOG, it's to offer older games, right?  So will we see these classics resurrected for newer distributions?  Sweet!


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