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Editing Annotations (Line Arrow)


I've recently stumbled upon Screenshot Captor, and it's a pretty awesome tool! Great work! It does most of the things I want it to do and it is quick and easy to use, which puts it a notch above even most commercial software I've seen in this area so far.

There is one thing that I found bothersome, though, and that is editing annotations (Line Arrow Object). Lets say I have about 10 of those on a screenshot, numbered 1 through 10 and I want to change their color from red to yellow. While I can select all of them and change the color of all of them at the same time, this will also set the text of all of them to "1".

Is there any way around this? If not, I would like to suggest this as a feature for future versions. This is definetly something I can see as being useful.

Thanks for the kind words, Nightfish!

The problem you are describing is one that has been raised before -- I wish I had a better answer for you other than it's a known problem, and it's on my todo list of things to fix.


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