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SOLVED: Why it pays to think first - duh!


I was going to ask if anyone had heard of software that carries out the functions listed below.


And realised that if I took one step BEFORE another one, the renamer software I use now will carry out this task very well.

So I didn't really need to type all this in, but continued as it's an object lesson to carry out the action in the Subject line BEFORE bursting into print.

Does anyone know of a program for Windows XP - or a macro within Excel - to accomplish the following:

1.  Scan/read a list of same-named and numbered filenames and identify numbers missing.
2.  Get files from a similarly named and numbers file list, and rename them according to the numbers missing from the first list.

I deal with thousands of image files named with widely varying filenames: 3246563_7354.jpg, gd7_766543OP.jpg, demo756.jpg or whatever the owner has named them.

I use a file renamer to name them similar to this:  tractor-0001.jpg tractor-9999.jpg

Then I use an duplicate image finder and delete .. um .. duplicates.

After that I can't use my renamer software to fill in the missing numbers as it tells me "Number already exists."


If I use the duplicate image finder first, I can then rename to my heart's content in consecutive order.

Many thanks guys, you've helped enormously.  ;D   ;)   :-[

Disclaimer:  My spelling of some words are how it's done where I live - it's NOT wrong.

Hi, argotesikar, and welcome to the DonationCoder forum.   :D  Since you've solved your own request, I'm going to move this thread to the Finished board.   :Thmbsup:

Many thanks skwire.


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