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Process Explorer now includes VirusTotal integration | 404 Tech Support

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Steven Avery:
I'm glad to see them finally get with the program and implement this. System Explorer has had it for at least a couple years. I'm actually a little surprised it took the SysInternals team so long to catch up. Having said that, for every day use, I still prefer System Explorer. As much as I love Process Explorer, IME it has a tendency to crash frequently on some machines, my current desktop being one of them. -Vurbal (February 17, 2015, 06:04 AM)
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I'll have to see if I have any stability problems.  And I can see these now as the two best Task Manger replacements (although I do like Daphne for simplicity and color.)

I would say they are complimentary and they work differently.

System Explorer tests more .dlls and stuff, for better or worse.  System Explorer has their own database, that uses the community input.  They also left me with 48 unknown files (20 from DriveHQ, 6 from Priprinter, mostly .dll ) and then, e.g. gave information.  (e.g They identified the monitor.exe as coming form "Chameleon Monitor" actually Chameleon Startup Monitor .. with info on the program, author, etc.) So you can run through the unknowns reasonably effectively, even if it starts at a couple of dozens.  I have not checked yet whether you can comment or mark them as ok for the next run.

However, for a quick check of all files, Sysinternals shows them all (allowing that they don't do the .dlls) automatically, with the VirusTotal result easily available. So, even if it took them some time, it is a very good implementation.


I'd say your assessment is spot on. In fact, the reason I know Process Explorer crashes are an ongoing problem with this computer is because I continue to use it. Both it and System Explorer have features I wouldn't want to do without.

Also, I should probably test out this latest version on my computer to see if the problem even exists any more.


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