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Lazarus 1.2 released


Finally after 2 release candidates, the fateful day came on March 4th (I was a little *ahem* late to the news).

The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release of Lazarus 1.2.

--- End quote ---



Release notes:

For those still skeptical, I and many others have found Lazarus to be a very capable IDE for ObjectPascal development, and yes Pascal is still a viable programming language (Delphi/ObjectPascal #15 at TIOBE!).  The only things I find really lacking (besides popularity) are good bindings for some common C++ libraries.  We're hard at work at it though, come join us!

If you want to do 64-bit programming with Lazarus 1.2, be sure to read the README.txt file(s) in the SourceForge download folder - there's important information in them regarding add-ons that may to be installed and remaining issues with SEH on 64-bit binaries that might be built with Lazarus 1.2.

Those README.txt files in the SourceForge download folders don't seem to get put on your local system by the installer package.

Good point, thanks mwb.
IIRC, those issues are mainly concerning Windows, and I've been seeing around the 'net advice to stick with 32-bit programming for most common app development unless you need 64-bit for the numerical precision or memory handling. 
I do everything on Linux nowadays, though I have run into add-ons that had issues with 64-bit, most notably the BGRABitmap library, which has been fixed in the development branch.


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